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Thanks for continuing to report on this story; your book was of course great, and I'm glad you've got more to say.

Murder trials are hard. I was on a homicide jury last year and we didn't have to look at any incredibly terrible photos, but we did have to pay close attention to a meaningless crime. Good wake up call to remind me about what poverty looks like up close.

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Oof. Thank you for this. The ending … very good question.

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I really enjoyed your book (and everything you write!) and I’m grateful that you’re still shining light on this.

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Do you have a donation link or any other way to support in addition to sub stack?

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Leah, I’m the first to say, “We can and must do difficult things TOGETHER.” I’m thrilled you’re covering the Lori Vallow Daybell trial in your thorough investigative reporting style.

You are a gifted and talented writer. I have no doubt this work is your calling. Giving your readers a 360 degree lens from the layout of the courthouse, absence of cameras and why, the voire dire process, the camaraderie of the dwindling pool of local reporters covering the trial and the onlookers. You allow us to be there too in a sense, and I imagine sharing what you bear witness is cathartic. It also delivers forewarning. Are those that followed Chad Daybell that different from those that followed David Koresh, or who listen to Steve Bannon, follow Ammon Bundy or are diehard supporters of and plan to vote for Donald Trump in 2024?

I live in Washington state. Idaho’s 6-week abortion ban is similar to Texas. Idaho’s state legislature and Gov. Brad Little just made it illegal for a citizen of Washington state or any other state to help a woman or minor seeking an abortion from Idaho — punishable by up to a 5-year prison sentence.


Our Gov. Jay Inslee publicly denounced Idaho’s “shield law” — also a “militia-style” law. What militia members re-located to Idaho after their FBI conviction was overturned? THE BUNDY’S!! Ammon Bundy ran for Idaho governor in 2022 — funded and supported by Steve Bannon. (He dropped out of the race Feb. 2022)


Bundy ran for governor despite being arrested, convicted (misdemeanor) and banned for the Idaho state legislature for refusing to leave the a special session in 2021:


My concern continues to be the through line of state and local authorizing (white supremacist based) militia (just as the KKK was authorized during Reconstruction) to deter abortion seekers from leaving states. It won’t be long — like 2024 before these same militias are dispatched to “legally” seize voting machines, intimidate voters, subvert elections with the weapons of war the state legislatures and governors have voted to allow them to open carry and lowered the age limit so they can enlist more militia members.

Without going all conspiracy theorist, why else would Republican after Republican in state after state continue to legislate AGAINST what polling clearly indicates is popular with their constituents?

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